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Problem booting brand new Carambola2

29 Kwiecień, 2018

I recently ordered and received 3 more Carambola2 (this being out third purchase, previously bought 2 then 10).Tonight I powered one up and it seems to be DOA.The FTDI USB serial is detected correctly by Linux but I had no output on ENTER or reset.In particular, I noticed that when pressing reset the green LED was not flashing on and off like normal.After some fiddling I started checking voltages etc. I had the negative multimeter lead on the shield, and noticed than sometimes (for a few times at least) I was able to get output on the serial port if I was pushing down on the shield. Further checking I discovered that the resistor on the reset line appears to be 2k7 not 4k7 as per the schematic. I also discovered that the voltage on GPIO 11 connected to the factory reset was @ 2.2V ?

Please help.

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